Saturday, February 26

I need some prayers

Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Me I had some depressing news just now. My grandpa in Ny who was recovering so well just passed away this morning. No one was expecting it and I think I am in shock... I am so sad and confused. So I wanted to let you all know because I know some of you are strong Christians and others good blog friends and I def. could use all the prayers. Thanks so much
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Monday, February 14

Is this really happening?

Woohoo Im on a roll....I think... ok so heres my little story , its
quite simple " I love vintage but vintage doesnt really love me " Or soooooo I thought, because everytime i would try to make a vintage card it looked more like a royal mess! Ok so I have been taking LESS time on the cards and kinda just going with what feels right instead of using my NOGEn so much (thats scary) .
But like everything LEss is More ... sorta right?
Ok so for this card I actually found some really cool FREE vintage clip art !!!! and then used some old basic grey paper "sultry dressy" I really hope you guys like it too and Im not this crazy crafter who "thinks" she can do vintage and really s
hould just stop hahahaha But I love this style so I think im going to keep on until I run out of my free images lol haha .

Ok ill stop rambling ... This card was made just for the Shabby Tea Room using their picture inspiration and using the CPS layout WooPWOOp ....

Aw man I missed the deadline

Hey friends!
Ok so this is a sad post...I was going to enter this card in the shabby tea room design team call...but I didnt realize it closed at 12pm haha for some reason I thought it was Yesterday at midnight OOOppppsies. Thats ok though, because I just love that challenge blog and I still had to share this card with you all because I must admit It made me proud. Admitedly I love vintage but its always such a brain tease for me to create my own designs and layouts, but here you go!

Friday, February 11

Time for a Challenge

Happy Friday everyone... or should I say TGIF ~ am I right? hahaha ok well today I was on a role making some last minute valentines day cards...
I drew my inspiration from the Embellish Magazine color challe
nge with hearts. I must say I have really been loving the colors they chose, so immediatly I was like OMG oMG I know i know and made the first card (shown below) my fav one of the three to be seen and my entry for the challenge Just FYi lol

....but ummmm when I took out my papers to make more.... I wen
t BLANK! _____________________
_____________________________________yup blank! 

Thursday, February 10


Hey fabulous blog friends ! Ok so I have some WONDerful news!
I was chosen by the fabulous Nikky and the rest of the Design Team over at Polkadoodles to be a part of their design team! WoWWWWWWWW As you all know , I love polkadoodles and have been wanting this for a long time ! It is my first time being on a design team and I am just THRILLED they chose me. so hop on over and check out the blog!

Anyway I just wanted to share some projects that I have been working on just some random cards !

Monday, February 7

Long time friends

Hey hey blog friends~

Happy Monday =) the first day of what is turning out to be an amazing week already. I have some exciting news for you all but I must wait to share... so stay tuned to my blog for more info.

I know I had promised a post a day but I came down with a nasty cold that turned into pneumonia and now Im trying to recover! So this post is quite simple Im just sharing a scrap layout I made today, I have someother projects but I lost my pictures yesterday when my computer had to be reformatted due to a nasty virus! Go figure we both caught a BUG ahahahaha tooo funny.

Ok well this layout is of me and my little pooch Hamilton! I love this little guy , he is three years old and growing so fast! I sound like a mom hahaha but he is my little baby.
Oh and on a side note I am back skating every other day *because of pneumonia ... but Im making good progress and cant wait to post the video of my new program I will share in march once Its complete its about 3/4 of the way done now =)

Have a blessed week