Tuesday, July 23


Okay so I am sitting here rushing to get out of the door but I refuse to leave before I post these two cards... This always happens, I make challenge cards but dont get a chance to post them... then I get mad bc usually the really cute ones dont get posted because I just look at them all day haha. Ok well sorry this is so quick but basically I got to run! Hugssss
this is for the runway inspired challenge

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Friday, July 19

Another DASH

Hello everyone, Im back for another craft dash =) This week over at the ten minute craft dash the color combination is AMAZING ! I am obsessed with coral and navy together and adding a little green just makes it even more AMAZING. For this challenge I used Washi tape !!! I had never used it until I bought a few packs over at Michaels this month on sale =) I think I was intimidated bc of the transparency of it... Either way I am sad that I haven't really used it prior to today because it is amazing. I love how this card came out , I also stamped the background which consumed most of my time ... but I do like the end result and I made a few of these I think Im going to use the same template and switch out the colors to make a cute card set! Oh and soon I will be adding a video of a new spin I am working on its called a Beilman spin... I had to stop working on it bc of the injury I attained three weeks ago =( Speaking of injuries I tweeked my poor ankle really badly yest. and caught it on film it was a weird fall long story short it KILLED and my ankle swelled really bad but strangely thank God my ankle is feeling better today than it did the day before =) God works in mysterious ways.

                                     This card took me 9 minutes and        48 seconds.

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Saturday, July 13

Another Dash and a skating update!

Hello friends,
Well It has been a few weeks, like always so much has happened ! I had another competition it was horrible I injured my ankle badly the day I was supposed to leave ... saw my Dr. and he okayed me to tough it out... Needless to say thank God my mom came and drove the 5 hour drive because I sure couldnt have. I was in so much pain... and the next day was my competition I was NOT happy. ANyway, the next morning came and my ankle was not as bad as the day before... I just had a gut feeling though not to push it but didnt listen to that and skated for the practice (taped my leg) that was a bad idea the taping caused more pressure and pain so I removed it and was acutally able to jump painlessly but stroking was another story, and the end of the program practice during my footwork I re tweeked my ankle... OWWW Long story short... I went back that evening for my competition and was humiliated during the 5 min warm up because I couldnt do ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG it all hurt too much... My coach gave me two options 1) get off and never know what I could have done and throw away the experience 2) go out put on a show and act like nothing is wrong... I chose option 2 ... I was sooo proud of myself because even though my program lacked my usual grace/ spunk/ and triples I went out there and landed my first double axel in a program and did a clean skate !!! I did get penalized for not having the triples but we knew that and weren't risking hurting my ankle further with triple attempts... I was so happy I competed in 1 event ( had to withdraw the long bc of sweeling) bc I proved that I am REALLLY tough and not afraid to go after my dreams. Since then 2 weeks ago my ankle is healing nicely still hurts but it only kept me off the ice for a week and a half so I am grateful. God is so good he uses our trials to bring out our best! Next week back to triples =) and run throughs.

Okay well enough of my chattering, I also created this post post because I made my first video ! I made it for the ten minute craft dash.. and boy is DASH a proper description of my last few seconds. I barely made it with 2 seconds left !!! I hope you enjoy... I was a little quiet bc I was pretty focused on the challenge and please excuse my crazy hair it was already close to 11pm... Anyway the challenge was to use a star ! CD_21
I hope you enjoy ! This card too me 9 Minutes and 58 seconds. (really less bc I spent around 30 seconds dealing with the camera lol )

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