Saturday, July 13

Another Dash and a skating update!

Hello friends,
Well It has been a few weeks, like always so much has happened ! I had another competition it was horrible I injured my ankle badly the day I was supposed to leave ... saw my Dr. and he okayed me to tough it out... Needless to say thank God my mom came and drove the 5 hour drive because I sure couldnt have. I was in so much pain... and the next day was my competition I was NOT happy. ANyway, the next morning came and my ankle was not as bad as the day before... I just had a gut feeling though not to push it but didnt listen to that and skated for the practice (taped my leg) that was a bad idea the taping caused more pressure and pain so I removed it and was acutally able to jump painlessly but stroking was another story, and the end of the program practice during my footwork I re tweeked my ankle... OWWW Long story short... I went back that evening for my competition and was humiliated during the 5 min warm up because I couldnt do ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG it all hurt too much... My coach gave me two options 1) get off and never know what I could have done and throw away the experience 2) go out put on a show and act like nothing is wrong... I chose option 2 ... I was sooo proud of myself because even though my program lacked my usual grace/ spunk/ and triples I went out there and landed my first double axel in a program and did a clean skate !!! I did get penalized for not having the triples but we knew that and weren't risking hurting my ankle further with triple attempts... I was so happy I competed in 1 event ( had to withdraw the long bc of sweeling) bc I proved that I am REALLLY tough and not afraid to go after my dreams. Since then 2 weeks ago my ankle is healing nicely still hurts but it only kept me off the ice for a week and a half so I am grateful. God is so good he uses our trials to bring out our best! Next week back to triples =) and run throughs.

Okay well enough of my chattering, I also created this post post because I made my first video ! I made it for the ten minute craft dash.. and boy is DASH a proper description of my last few seconds. I barely made it with 2 seconds left !!! I hope you enjoy... I was a little quiet bc I was pretty focused on the challenge and please excuse my crazy hair it was already close to 11pm... Anyway the challenge was to use a star ! CD_21
I hope you enjoy ! This card too me 9 Minutes and 58 seconds. (really less bc I spent around 30 seconds dealing with the camera lol )

 photo F188BFA3978B6802FA20B97F6D0AB7A1.png


  1. It's a great card Ashley and well done on persevering with your competition!

  2. That's awesome that you still persevered with your competition-- way to go!
    Lovely card, Ashley! Great design!
    Thanks for playing along with the 10 Minute Craft Dash!

  3. That is way you are my inspiration!!!! You have the fire in your belly and the determination to supersede all obstacles. You are an amazing person and skater <3


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