Saturday, December 19

I love christmas

Its that time of year that gets the softest side of me every year! Christmas, I always get that warm and fuzzy feeling where I know that somehow I will be able to help someone else, and I will make and buy lots of goodies to give to those I love. I dont know about you, but the best feeling comes when loved ones gather together and sing songs. In our family we sing the twelve days of christmas every year!!! I love seeing the looks on peoples faces as they open their gifts, and the little ones opening their gifts with sooooooooo much excitement!!! Yes yes yes christmas is my favorite time of the year!!!

Here are some last christmas cards I made this season, along with my doggy "Hamilton" who discovered Warm laundry and I almost squashed him when i went to lay down on my bed near my hot laundry, and what do i see in my laundry? You guessed it "hamilton" well part of him lol

Sunday, December 13


Ok so I definitely MISSSSS playing along with the fabulous MIDNIGHT MADNESS DT ! ! ! I decided to alternate the sketch a little bit and for circles I have used two curtains!!!!! Yay for creativity. Anyway hopefully I will be able to play now throughout the year since finals are all over and my free time has returned.

My first Tags Ever made !!!!

I am so excited! I just love christmas tags, and so i had to try to make some, here are the first two!! MORE to COME!!!!!

I wasnt joking when I said I have been BUSY!

ok my friends so here is a set of 7 4x5 cards I made as part of my boyfriends mothers gift! I do hope she loves it ! ! ! It was sooo time consuming because I am definitely not used to that size. But here they go....

Saturday, December 12

Some christmas cards and a random one that snuck in =))) hehehe

Ok so here is my messy room but hey its all put together now =)

Here are the promised pictures of my craft room/ bedroom! its super messy in these pictures because i was in the process of building and staining my NEW SHELVES!!!! Yayyyy. Anyway I am so sad that this is my first post in a long time!!! Because.. My grandpa is in the hospital, and I had finals all month, and i went out of town for thanksgiving! Can we say C_R_A_Z_Y??????? ok so stay tuned, because even though i havent been posting I have still been craffffffting!!!