Wednesday, August 26

Some cards that I made

So the past few weeks I feel like my creative energy has been sucked out of me... my ideas are raging but I have no energy to carry them out. Heres the scoop

1) 3 online courses and one in person (all upper level)

2) First week back skating since March injury and surgery, God has been so gracios to me though as I have made full recoveries from my injuries and my first week back skating was so smooth and despite my doubts initially, I will be working on dble axel and triples again this week, hopefully I can land them the right away and they are not lost =) 3) Therapy for my wrist (yucky)

4) Picking up extra work hours (2 jobs) Boooo!

but, honestly I guess I just had to vent Im over it now and actually after reading what I just wrote I realized its not that bad, I am so greatful for my life, and how God has blessed me with his healing, and grace for my skating =)

With God all things are possible, and we just have to be persistent, for he knows the plans he has for us! Follow your passions, because he knows the desires of our hearts.

Ok here are some cards I made this last week:

Tuesday, August 25

mmsc 15

I dont like this one either..... hmph I think that I am not focusing on the challenge..... Perhaps school starting/or skating.............. mmsc16 will break my ugly card streak I hope

Saturday, August 8

Crafty Creations 27 and Mojo Monday

I really like these colors and for some reason I thinkk this is my first card using them =)

The Layout is from mojo monday and the buttons are for the crafty creations website =))))

Wednesday, August 5

MMSC13 Go Figureeeeeeeeeeeeeee =) sk8 of course

I love this challenge....It pushed me to create something from a place deep in my heart =))))

I have to say this turned out to be my favorite card I have ever made......I think i want to keep it lol

Tuesday, August 4


This week has been chaotic......................... all my classes end this friday.........***enough said lol

ok but here is my fun card =)
Join the Fun