Thursday, December 12

Craft Dashing

I said I wouldn't let this happen again... and it happened *hangs head low* I am so sorry I have once again gone missing in action. I have been really busy training... and recovering....and there always seems to be something going on... Not to mention the holidays have snuck up on me! Is it me or did Thanksgiving seem just like yesterday and does Christmas feel like its tomorrow !? I am excited because in just 9 days I get to go back home and spend time with my family, the only down side is that I will be off my training routine and I finally feel like I have come to a good place... Optimism that is going to be my new favorite word... Speaking of... that reminded me of New Year resolutions.... DO you guys have any yet?

 I think this year my resolution is to be more self loving. I know that might sound strange but I struggle with confidence (just admitting this is hard) I feel like I want to believe in myself more... believe that I can accomplish what I set my mind to ... that I am capable... and that I can make a change. I also want to be more pro-active... I always want to volunteer and step out in to the community but am too afraid to do things alone... In Florida I always had my friends and family and while I have family here too it is is hard... very hard to find the courage to do things alone.. I have started volunteering at an animal shelter I loved it ... I just had to take a break because I got a knee injury and cant stand and walk for too long.. Anyway I need to stop ranting I just thought I would share with you all a little part of me ! What are your resolutions for this wonderful new year?

 Oh and here of course is my card for the Craft dash..CD_31 I was so saddened to read that they are taking a little break through February before they return ... or not... I just hope its a temporary one because I truly love these quick little challenges, and there are some amazing women on the team that inspire me soo much! I will admit this was the hardest challenge for me EVER! I think I am allergic to red and yellow being together it reminds me of ketchup and mustard on a hot dog... Although all the designers made it look so beautiful and it just WORKED , well I doubted my ability but I did surprise myself a little bit... I actually like how it came out and I hope you do too... the best part was it only took me 9:48 seconds to make... Just in the Nick of time !

Thanks for stopping by =) 

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