Tuesday, August 27

Moxie fab tuesday trigger

Hello Friends,
Well Im up and at it again *late .... I guess I just feel the most creative late at night.... well tonight I found an awesome or should I say scrumptious Tuesday trigger over at 
MOXIE FAb WORLD! Anyway I truly do love Ombre styled ANYTHING from hair to cakes... ombre is Awesome and so I just couldn't pass up on the chance to create a super cute card. I really like how subtle the ombre is on the card... I think this might be a favorite of mine... 1) because it has ombre and 2) because I used my absolute favorite color combo of "pink, teal, and green"  Okay well here it is , I hope you like it =)

Craft dash 24

Hello friends,
Ashley here again with another craft dash challenge. I just love these challenges don't you ? Paulina and the whole design team are so sweet and have such gr8 taste. This challenge was unique for me as I don't think I have made a card using the given color pallet of light orange, rose pink and a cornflower blue.CD_24

 At first I almost didn't want to join bc those colors intimidated me, but then again since when do I back down from a challenge? Well I decided to go with some flowers and had to use my new mama elephant stamp set .... I must say its amazing how creativity is sparked when you have a time constraint.... well I also decided to document it ....   lately I love video taping my projects but I realized that the quality is terrible. So I called in some back up and the lovely Laura Sterckx helped me out.  I am such a newbie and didn't realize that I had to make adjustments with a video editor. Well the good news is I found an editor that was easy to use ....the bad news is it made vep files which can't be shown on YouTube or Blogger. ... so I had to look for another. ...which didn't allow me to mute some of the video....the search lasted 3 days partially because I came down with a major case of get this bronchitis AND sinusitis. .. so I have been in bed most of the day...and for those that follow my skating that means no skating either :( 

Anywhoooo finally yesterday I found an editing program that I really do love**** and was able to fix up my little the quality is terrible but I'm hopefully getting a new camera soon , and some much needed natural light lamps.  But hey its a start and I'm sure it will only get better , so check it out on youtube :)

Hugsss Ashley


Saturday, August 17

Quick dash for boys

Hello Blog friends, it's Ashley and I cant wait to share this post with you... I am so happy today, I was able to resume my ballet classes after my one month hiatus, this means that since my back tolerated it this coming monday I will be back on the ice! Well not jumping but at least stroking around and building up my endurance *** Wahoo*** ... Okay but enough about that let's get to what you all want lol the CARDS okay well today it's all about Quick Boy cards. Lately I have heard alot of friends tell me they lack Creative MOJO when it comes to designing masculine cards especially for boys. I think I initially felt the same way but recently I have absolutely loved making youthful boy cards. in fact just the other day I purchased a stamp set just for one stamp it contained ( a sneaker ) haha ... anyway I made a video for you guys ... me  making the card shown here for the 10 minute craft dash.. it took me around 9 minutes and change ...  I really love these challenges especially right now because I am not supposed to be sitting for long periods of time... okay well take a look at my video if you have the time and want to lol It has another card in there that I have not posted on my blog yet =) =)
Watch my Youtube Video here


Monday, August 12

4 week hiatus... and fun challenges yay

Hey there, Its Ashley !!!
WOW , so I realize it has been around 3-4 weeks.... Man do I have a story for you all. Okay so three weeks ago I was training hard for my competitions in the end of August... I went on tuesday evening after an intense session on the ice to my Neurologist for my check up and test results ( a yr ago they found some lesions in my brain, these tests would confirm if it was a concussion from my past that would heal eventually or if I had some other issues like MS or tumors etc) Anyway my test came back negative but I had been having some blurriness in my eye and that week started having some numbness and tingling on my left leg waist down... So the Dr. did a nerve test on me ... she freaked out a little and said I needed to be rushed to the ER. so naturally I freaked out... I was all alone that week because my aunt who I live with was in Las Angelos  for business.. and my parents live in Florida because I am in Ny training for my skating =) So anyway... the Dr. calls my mom and tells her its important I go to the E.R. right away for a full spine and head MRI and Lumbar puncture.. I told her NO bc I was more concerned about missing skating but then she was like if you dont and you have what I think you could become paralyzed if you dont go now... AHHHHHHHH so my mom hopped on the first flight and I drove myself to the Er. after I went home ate and packed a bag lol... Okay so long story short they do the MRI find nothing but a slight disc buldge and protrusion at my L3 and L1( glad to know caused from a spin I was learning) ... and a few days later I get the lumbar puncture... I was dreading it... but it wasn't too bad... anyway they kept me over night and then I was on my way they said to expect headaches possibly but boy was I in for a rude awakening... after a few days I was able to move around but the migraines were getting worse.. so I did my research and the day my mom was supposed to fly home begged her not to go ..instead we went to the Dr. I feared I had a complication from the tap a leak! I was right and was back in the ER... Okay this was a nightmare.. I had a leak and needed a spinal blood patch. they gave me my first IV.. for meds for the head ache,.. sadly the nurse messed up the iv almost blew my vein and all the veins in my arm swelled and got damaged to the point that even sale-en burned. okay so then they take me back a day later =( for the procedure... they poked me 20+ times and did 4 arterial attempts to get 30ccs of my blood ... they took so much blood from me I got really weak bc they would get 20ccs but not enough and then had to start over bc it would be contaminated if stuck again... on the last try they got it but pulled my arm as the Dr. did the spinal injection and he messed up and had to do it again =( either way my body went in to shock.. they thought I fainted and I heard the Dr. tell the nurses he hopes my procedure doesn't go on his record.. and when the nurse tried to get my mom he said absolutely not that's the last thing we need get this room cleaned up first. ... GREAT RIGHT? so I'm there sitting in complete shock knowing most likely he screwed up the procedure and there's blood everywhere, and prior to that he drugged me even more through my bad iv , I still am dealing with the vein swelling and hurting... watching its not phlebitis....... Needless to say I have been in contact with the hospital reporting that Liar of a Dr. and ensuring it goes on his record! Okay so the good news it did actually work and even though I have been pretty bed bound for 2 weeks next week I can skate again and all my test results came back negative so I don't have to live in fear. Okay well now that you all know my crazy little story .. you know why I have been gone.. I had so much pain I couldn't even sit in a chair , but as of this week I AM back to my crafting and sitting, and very light exercise like walking and 3 lb arm weights.

So for my first challenge back I did a card for none other than the 10 min. craft dash (one of my favs) I am really loving the yellow and blue color combo which I found via the color throw down but I chose not to combine the challenges bc I only wanted to use yellow and turqoise for the dash since it would take less time .. and at 8 minutes and 54 seconds I completed this FUN CARD !
CD_23they are celebrating their 1st birthday anniversary... YAYyyyyy , come join in the fun. Not only is it an awesome blog challenge but they are offering tons of goodies for this Birthday Celebration.

For my second card I made this card... it took me a lot longer than the above lol I was stumped... after I lay down the washi tape I was clueless fortunately I found the Case this sketch challenge and used their template for the design ... and had already chosen to partake in the color throw down , which is where my color pallette came from... 


 my camera lighting is terrible ... I wish I could get a crisp shot..but these will have to do ...the splatter is shimmery I wish you could see that...

I must say I LOVE how the stamping over the wood butterlflies came out.. its a simple and sweet card... okay well I hope you all have enjoyed my cards and I didnt bore anyone to death with my trauma story =/