Thursday, April 25

I have been bit by the Runway Inspired Design BUG lol

OKay so here I go, I have been on a creative roll. I played along in the Runway Inspired Challenge, a few days ago and I loved the outcome of my card. However, I used pink and for some reason that inspirational picture screamed red to me, Anywhoooo admittedly red black and white are not exactly my favorite color combination, but I must say I definitely appreciate that color pallet much more now that I have created so many new cards using it. I hope you all like them. They are ALLLL so different but I had tons of fun making them , and hope you enjoy them too!

Bammm there you have it I made four mini 4x4 cards in a short amt of time and conquered my fear of red black and white haha

 photo F188BFA3978B6802FA20B97F6D0AB7A1.png

Thursday, April 18

Two for One!

Good Afternoon!!!! Guess what? Today I have made two cards !!! It was just that kind of day. I have no clue but for some weird reason I am in the happiest of moods. Now granted I am always pretty much a very happy person , but the last few days have been especially stressful. I have a competition this Friday and I don't feel so ready (stamina wise) not because I haven't been working hard but because I was off the ice for so long and only two days ago resumed spinning... Anyway I think I had a break down yest. because the night before I found out my doggy needs to get some xrays under sedation for his arm they think he has a fracture =( and then to top it off yest evening I had a very rough skate.. Today I dropped my doggy off when I left I felt so sad for him he looked terrified , and now as I sit in my room I feel empty normally hes staring at me on my bed or sitting behind me on my chair. Either way, I decided I had two options 1) self pitty 2) get over it . I chose to get over it... so I browsed some amazing blogs and blog challenges found some inspiration and made two cards. Oh and Jamming to all sorts of mixed music really helps too: right about now... I have heard the banjo, jammed to Jamaican ..rocked out and now am feeling the Latin vibes. Hahah okay no more crazy rambling from this gal. Here are my cards.
SK175 US206

The first Card I made was inspired by two challenges, for some reason they just meshed well. The layout is from the Unscripted sketches blog, and the design inspiration came form the Runway Inspired Challenge . Go and check out their awesome sites!

My second card is for the TEN MINUTE Craft DashCD_16large... I was in such a crafty mood I made my quickest card to date ! I made this cutie in just 4 minutes and 31 Seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is an ultimate record for me... I think It was really easy because I used pretty much the same supplies as in the first card, only with different colors. I love love love love it. I hope you love it too. 

4:31 seconds
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Monday, April 15

The Play Date Cafe , Nautical challenge !!!

Hello again!
Wow, I am so very impressed ( I actually have posted 2 times in a weeks span ) I sure do hope I can keep this up. Well, this card comes from being inspired by The Play Date Cafe and their amazing challenge. Recently I played along in the ten minute craft dash, and made a nautical card, and I must say my Nautical/ ocean vibes are calling me lol. I love love love the serenity of the sea. For this challenge I made an encouragement card with a tiny clearance buy I recently made "Inkadinado Mini stamps" I paid 50 cents for it and received three awesome stamps an Octopus pirate flag and ship" I chose to only use the Octopus though. The sentiment was just typed and then cut out to match the flag. This card made me smile because I feel the recipient is just feeling depleted and having a hard time staying a float so I felt this was the perfect sentiment.

I also made a mothers day card using the challenge as my inspiration once again. I guess you could definitely say I am a HuGE fan of the terra-cotta, aqua and midnight color scheme. Its so bright and aerie ! I really love how this card turned out, its very feminine and cheerful. I hope you like them ! Thanks for stopping by I would love to hear from you all , I has been a while and I need to make some blog friends. Hugzzzz

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Thursday, April 11

Back for a quickie

Hello ,
Okay so It has been a while since my last post =( Again.... Oooopsies so much has happened lately. For one thing I started competing this season. I had my first competition the beginning of Feb. I placed 3rd so I was pleased. Unfortunately I needed nose repair surgery the week after because I was having difficulty breathing due to scar tissue building up... Sadly though 4 days before surgery I knocked my spinal joint out of place causing a lot of fluid to sit around my nerves = PAIN... either way they still did surgery but afterwards I got a really bad case of bronchitis and needed 4 doses of antibiotics =( Ok well enough with my sob story lol I am back on the ice and doing better than ever, all Glory to God because I have hardly skated and have not lost anything =) I am healing beautifully and am excited to announce I have another competition next Friday and Saturday !!!! I hope to be able to post some videos =)

Ok so now for this card... I have been quite obsessed recently with the whole Nautical theme for little girls, and well Nautical theme period. Recently I saw a pin for a babie first birthday and that really inspired me for this card. I have been wanting to craft a lot lately but due to injury have not been able to sit for long pds of time. . . Well I finally started browsing some fabulous blogs and challenge blogs and decided what better way to jump back in to the ring than to partake in one of my FAVORITE challenges. THE 10 MINUTE CRAFT DASH.  Ok well when I saw their color scheme I immediately saw NAUTICAL! I hope you like it, i know I do. Sorry for the picture quality its late and I dont have a natural lamp and it was captured with my phone , I tried though. I will try to take another picture tom. I get so frustrated because you really can't appreciate this card through this picture.... Ok well happy crafting my fellow bloggers =)

                                            7 MINUTES 32 SECONDS

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