Tuesday, June 30

My First Digital Page Layout... All done on the computer using photoshop. I think I might be addicted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway.. this is my little cousin I love how her eyes match the clouds but yea I think since I havent been to able to create using my arm I use the CP.Ok dokei hope yall like it.

Thursday, June 25

crafty challenge stars and stripes

I cant really make cards today or in the days to come, Im having alot of pain in my wrist as I have to stop taking my pills (side affects) lucky me I get to be the one in a million not able to take strong pain meds...*oh well I have the best healer Jesus Christ =b y his stripes we are healed! For the past days I havent been able to sleep so I have been reading Psalms.... Its so relaxing to me and since I started reading a few of those chapters before bed I've been sleeping like a BABY. . . But anyway here is a card that I had made a few weeks ago Hope yall like it..... I would love to be a Part of the Design Team it would be a dream come true.. I need to find some older pictures of original pieces of work, my injury has plagued me since MOthers Day=( but not to worry I will find a way to make some great cards to add to my BLOG =) YAYYYYy

Monday, June 22

Praise the Lord

God is good and his mercy endureth forever!

Today i went to the Dr. for my follow up , no more surgery is needed and the stitches were removed. I got my hard cast too! I picked baby blue, and im excited to embellish it I will post my before and after pictures lol . I still need prayer though because I am hurting, and the swelling is tooo much at times. I know I will have a full recovery and I will be back to my old self soon, ok well here is a card that I made a few weeks ago... I really love this one it was for my friend shes having a baby boy "ocean" isnt that name awesome. !!!!!!!

Sunday, June 21

Shabby sheek card i made

Oh on a side note for anyone in the Florida area they are having a CHA craft show July 31st and August 1 2009 . Heres a pic :

Saturday, June 20


This weeks Midnight Madness Sketch challenge !

Ok so i needed to make my dad a fathers day gift because I accidently gave the original one to my aunt to sell with my other cards..... But hey it was my excuse to stay up late today and make my one armed card * I dont recomend it lol anyway .... im on the road to recovery...well at least my pills are kicking in now so ill stop rambling.... i hope you all like it =)

Friday, June 19

Crafty Creations #20 a lil something i made day after surgery

this took forever but it kept my busy using only one arm.... i cant wait to get better and craft again.

Tuesday, June 16


I saw the specialist yesterday, and was scheduled for surgery the very next day *today... it was going to be an arthroscopy a camera used to see what damage was done and determine if m y ligament needed repair... it turns out i had a frayed ligament....anf fluid a cyst and bruised/ bleeding bone... im hojme now in a big arm brace unitl monday when i get the arm ccast.... im so sad its beeb such a trying year of injury for me this yr and i am having a hard time creatin g between the pain and bulk...but im going to try to still go for it. please pray for gods healing touch so i can get back to work, skating, and creating!! times are so hard lately and missing work really hurts... but im making lemonaid with lemons...ii wlil stop rambling its hard typing with 1 arm lol thanx for all your support xoxo ashley

Saturday, June 13

ok here it is ....MMSC5 !!!!!!!! YOu can enter it too! come join us for some FUN FUN FUN and madness!!!!!!!!!!

I figured with Fathers day coming up I would honor my father with this card.

Here is the Recipee.....

6 varied colored buttons

1 brown ribbon

prima flowers from the calypso tin 64 pc (I distressed them...and added my own home made flower)

paper is from kc and company box of 180
*i think thats the amt. it came in a pink 12x12 box

and then i used some standard small brads,

& making memorie daubers to distress the edges

Hope you Like it =)

Thursday, June 11

sugar bowl challenge 12 ‘ please include’

Send your entry in to the Sugar Bowl COME AND JOIN THE FUN!!!!!!
*please include*

This challenge was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10

Sunday, June 7


Its been a few days since my last post... so sorry I have been dealing with alot. My grandfather is in the hospital so im out of town. He is doing much better, and my wrist is still hurting alot turns out it was a bone bruise, sprained ligament and a cyst. I see the specialist on thursday. So please keep me in your prayers. THanks a bunch

luv ashley