Tuesday, June 16


I saw the specialist yesterday, and was scheduled for surgery the very next day *today... it was going to be an arthroscopy a camera used to see what damage was done and determine if m y ligament needed repair... it turns out i had a frayed ligament....anf fluid a cyst and bruised/ bleeding bone... im hojme now in a big arm brace unitl monday when i get the arm ccast.... im so sad its beeb such a trying year of injury for me this yr and i am having a hard time creatin g between the pain and bulk...but im going to try to still go for it. please pray for gods healing touch so i can get back to work, skating, and creating!! times are so hard lately and missing work really hurts... but im making lemonaid with lemons...ii wlil stop rambling its hard typing with 1 arm lol thanx for all your support xoxo ashley


  1. I hope you're on the road to recovery very soon!!!! OUCH!! At least you have some GOOD COMPANY :)
    Thanks for hopping over to my blog :)

  2. Hi Ashley!
    I wanted to get back to you with an answer to your question about publication.
    Magazines have their own websites and you can just go to their website and they'll have a tab for 'submissions, submit your work, etc. If you click on these links, you'll get (depending on the magazine) current calls, calls for submissions or something like that. Read through the guidelines and send work that's appropriate to their call.
    Like with Stampington and Company, go to and there will be a list of their magazines and under each magazine is a list of current calls...
    Hope this helps...if I can help just give me a shout!

  3. Dear Ashley, YOU POOR THING!!! I was sorry to read about your surgery and will be praying for your quick recovery - it must be so hard being one armed!! God bless you Ashely - I hope you have friends helping and supporting you - I guess you have the best reason eva not to make your bed!!! LOL!!


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