Thursday, January 23

Two for One =)

Hi friends,
Well today I want to share with you a card I made for two challenge...but before I do so I want to just chat a little. I am literally freezing right about now I live in New York (long island) and we have had such brutal waves of winter vortex it was 4 degrees.... I hope you all faring well! For me its not just the weather but since I figure skate the rink is SUb-Arctic, which makes it difficult to warm up properly ... Oh and get this the house heater in my room DIED! so my room is literally showing on the thermostat to be 57 degrees!!!!!!!! Oh and as the snow melted we discovered a leak... I was devastated, right before christmas I had purchased some new papers etc from two peas in a bucket... and just the other night took them out to finally play... I made tons of cards and tags and then yesterday morning I sat on my desk and had a mini heart attack.. ALLLL of my papers were destroyed my entire DESK was flooded ! Everything was ruined... I was so sad (still am) I hardly ever get to buy new goodies and then just like that they were destroyed ! Blahh... well I am not the negative kind I like to see the glass as half full and so I figured it was the only way I would ever clean my desk up I cleaned the mess and then decided to get crafting again... Sooooo I hopped on over to some of my favorite challenges scoped them out and decided to partake in the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge
 and the Runway Inspired Challenge 
I loved the colors in the Runway challenge and was having a hard time coming up with a theme... So thats when I had my aha moment to combine it with the Curtain Calls love letter theme... I do love valentines day but I am not a fan of pink and red together and the typical "valentines day colors" so I was smitten and on a mission... You know sometimes I have a vision in my head but it just doesnt come out the way I planned it but this card actually fulfilled my little vision =) ... Im trying really hard to edit my photos a little more bc I am sick of looking at terrible pictures... this is okay =) I hope you like it... Send me a comment I love connecting with you guys and making new friends. I took a break from blogging for a little while and I feel like I lost my connection with lots of you and so many more are new to me so drop me a little hello and I will definitely respond =) Hugs have a wonderful day ITS ALMOST FRIDAY!

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Sunday, January 19

A few more challenges...why am I awake? haha

Hi friends... Okay so it is 11 pm over her in New York... I guess its not that late but when your a training athlete sleep seems to be a priceless commodity. However, this fine night I find myself WIDE EYED ... so I decided to blog some cards I made for a few challenges.... Lately I have been down about the way I capture my cards...they never come out good =( But I discovered a go to spot (my bathroom) hahaha...Now I know know I get it your probably thinking "ewe artificial lighting" but somehow it works ! I have no clue how or why but I am finally getting semi decent lighting for my pics... Oh and I am sure they would be a lot better if they weren't snapped using my phone but it is what it is.. I am broke and cant afford a camera so the phone it is =) .

So today is 1/21 and Im sneaking this card in to my original post... its for 2 CHallenges the CAS*Ology (Contrast) and the Case Study   Hope you like it ... I love the vibrant colors its tons of fun... I think I'M keeping it to give to me cousin on her 15th birthday, its right up her ally of fun and crazy!

Okay so the first card that I made was for the Case Study 174 challenge...lately I find that my card style has changed and I really enjoy creating smaller more contemporary cards I guess you could say this Hello card would fit into that category, its kind of edgy and girly I really am pleased with how it came out especially since I was able to use my pretty new stamps which was part of the fun over at a blog named hero... they are doing a random raffle to Simon says stamp just for playing with new Christmas goodies... as sad as this is ... my new item was the black paper hahaha I was low.. and funds are tight so I had to use my Newest stamp set (2 months old) and my new black paper =) =) =)

My second card was creating using the Unico studio card challengeI used their lovely template to create a cool Ombre butterfly card... I had added glitter to the butterflies but it didn't stick =( ... but its still pretty.

Okay well I hope you have enjoyed my little "almost midnight" blog post and I would love to hear from you guys...

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Friday, January 17

Card Concept Challenge#1

Hey there friends,
Well this past Winter Break was amazing and long... but I am finally back in my craft room! So since I have been back I have been doing a lot of Blog surfing, I guess you could say I felt out of the loop since it has been a few months since I have browsed the blog world, well as I was surfing I came across a new challenge site! Its called The Card Concept. I really love the idea, basically you are given a color scheme and then you have free range to create a card in one of  6 style themes. They have an awesome design team whose inspiration cards are so JUICY! I love them !!!! Well... after seeing all the cards I decided to go for a Shabby Chic style ... I think it has literally been years since I have made a shabby chic card... well that is: it feels like years. I just felt like that colors were very romantic and screamed flowers and Butterflies. So I gave it a whirl and this is what I came up with: Anyway you should check out their challenge it seems like its going to be an epic challenge blog! 

I used : Stamps- Paper trey ink (Love Birds)  Paper-ColorBok (vintage rose punch out pack) Flowers-Dollar store large flower (I inked and glittered it) smaller flower(recollections-I added ink

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