Thursday, February 23

catching up

So this seems to be a horrible trend that I would like to end, "sorry i have been gone so long...1 post 2 post 3 post glad to be back......... ***2 months*** ........... Glad to be back sorry i left 1 post, 2 post , 3 post"

So my goal is going to post at least weekly that would be nice. I feel like Im robbing you guys of my creations, and myself of your friendships and comments lol I still makes tons of cards but I have just been so BLAH lately that I tend to get stuck in the Blog world and lately PINTREST too lol and I get nothing done. I feel so lazy. I think its because I train all day so at night im soooo tired I dont want to lift a finger lol only slide a mouse hahaha. ok well enough of my silly ranting.

The bottom line is I miss chatting with you all and reading as well as sharing ideas. So Im going to try to be more diligent in posting and sharing here in my little cave! So to make up for some lost time I want to share some of my valentines day cards because I didnt go for the traditional colors and themes. I really like the chic look of these cards and plan on replicating them for other holidays and themes by simply changing the sentiment ! I hope you like them .