Sunday, August 22

Hey Hey ! Ok so today has been a Rainy day, both literally and in the saying. I have sat here in my room watching insanely weird movies....yea I like sci fy =) Anyway have been kind of lazy lately. Im not sure if it is because I have been soooo busy lately with skating and training. Or from work.... and now school is about to start, its depressing I want it to END!!!!! The good news is this is my last year in college!! wahooo and then IM DONE. Ok soo anyway Ill get to the good stuff. For this challenge I made a scrap layout... but I honestly wasnt happy with how it photographed.... Sooo I decided to make such a simple (sorta) and refreshing card. It came out soooo whimsical and pretty ink pink. I personally think that the whole white pink red and green color pallete just might be one of my favs. Ahhhhh

Ok so I just ran because I forgot that I was cooking corn meal and milk.. its a spanish thing called "creme of corn" and its delicious. buttt i left the stove on and it turned in to creme of ash. and almost a disaster. THank God that I remembered and flew to the kitchen just in time. Phew! ok well here are my submissions for the Shabby Tea Room...

Sunday, August 15

Quirky-Cutesy-Clean Challenge

Hey friends just wanted to do a midnight cant sleep post. Yup you guessed it its past midnight and I cant sleep. I am sick =( I never had allergies until recently. Someone told me that our bodies immune systems changes every 7 years... we can become immune or become un immune to things... Not sure about that but hey i never did have allergies until this year, and I have the absolute worst nasal and eye allergies. Today I sneezed 12 times in a row *yikes. Ok well here is a card I made for the embellish magazine. I find that I often over analyze my card designs and struggle with clean and fun cards... so this challenge was perfect. OOo and I never use this color combo and I LOVE the end result. I hope you like it. I love reading your comments so dont hesitate to leave lots of love

side view to show dimension. Kinda flat lol

New Cards

Hey Y'all its me. Just wanted to show you guys some of the cards I have been making.
I had a request for a sympathy card for a fallen police officer.I love how it came out. I was timid about making it because I just feel like they deserve alot of respect for protecting us. I think it came out just perfect.

Next is a baby christening card I made for a customer. It came out okkk I was rushed as my aunt who sells them for me needed it today.

Oooo I love how this card came out kinda elegant.

Saturday, August 14

The Shabby Tea Room Challenge

So like the post below says... I have been gone a whole entire month. Can you believe that? I can't I have been creating just not having enough to time to take pictures and post to the blog. I had two training camps this month for my skating. Heres a video of one of my jumps....

So I love the theme for challenge # 22 over at the shabby tea room( you can click the challenge to get there). I have been wanting to try the whole black beige and white thing for a while now. I was always intimidated by creating an image to match. For the image I used my warm gray markers to color the whole thing in. Once I finished I found my lightest yellow and green shades and accented it to give a muted look. I hope it came out ok. I recent purchased a huge lot of brand new copics, so this is the first time i have tried blending. I hope it looks ok give me your thoughts on what I can do to make it look better next time. Also I am selling alot of the copics on ebay so check it out i have no reserve or min. price and they are brand new.

Its been toooo long

HEllo my friends!!!
I cant believe that Its been a month since I last posted anything. I have been really busy these days with skating. I went to a seminar in west palm beach with Christy Krall and it was amazing! I got my double Axel back and I also was able to do a really solid triple sal. I'm working on getting it consistent. I'm so excited I have only been back since November so almost a year and I have landed d.axel t.sal t.toe and t. lutz. I now am working on consistency. I know I'm older than the average senior level skater to "debut" but its happening and with Gods grace I'm going to make it. Keep me in your prayers, I would like to share a video with you all, and then off to the good stuff lol I have been making a lot of custom cards these days but honestly my brain took a leave of absence and I forgot to take pics =( but I did have these to share.