Sunday, August 15

Quirky-Cutesy-Clean Challenge

Hey friends just wanted to do a midnight cant sleep post. Yup you guessed it its past midnight and I cant sleep. I am sick =( I never had allergies until recently. Someone told me that our bodies immune systems changes every 7 years... we can become immune or become un immune to things... Not sure about that but hey i never did have allergies until this year, and I have the absolute worst nasal and eye allergies. Today I sneezed 12 times in a row *yikes. Ok well here is a card I made for the embellish magazine. I find that I often over analyze my card designs and struggle with clean and fun cards... so this challenge was perfect. OOo and I never use this color combo and I LOVE the end result. I hope you like it. I love reading your comments so dont hesitate to leave lots of love

side view to show dimension. Kinda flat lol


  1. OH WOW OH WOW!! Look at that divine paper fold and the butterfly!! As for the doily, it's absolutely gorgeous!! SUper job on the clean style!! Hope your feeling beta too Ashley!!
    Smiles SHarnee :0)

  2. Very pretty. Love the doily and butterfly. :)

    You can actually become allergic or unallergic to anything any day. You can be fine with something one day and the next not. That is what I was told by the Dr. I use to be allergic to egg whites. Not anymore. I have herd of the y year thing but I think it is any time. Just Google it. I google everything that comes up. Just make sure your source is a good source not just something anyone can type up. Know what I mean? :)

  3. woow that butterfly is one of my fav stamp and you did it very lovely...nice lace too and nice ribbon touch...GREAT CARD!!I just joining the embellish color challenge too and my card is number 28, would you mind to see my Blog?Many thanks before :)

  4. OH MY WORD!! This is awesomeness!! I just love it and I don't think I've seen a more beautiful doily!

    Thanks so much for joining our challenge!

  5. Hiii Ashley!
    I suffer from lots of allergies too. So I know how you feel. But I guess those allergies don't affect your card-making skills, because your card came out beautiful! I love the doily and the dimension! Great work!
    You left a comment on my blog a few days ago, and i'm so sorry it has taken me a while to respond. I've been so busy lately. But how cool that you live in FL too. I actually live in South FL, in the Ft.Lauderdale area, to be exact. It's too bad that FL is such a HUGE state, otherwise I would say that we should definitely meet up to do some crafts together! Most of my friends don't share the same hobby as I do. LoL. If you're ever in my area, let me know! It's nice to meet another crafter in Florida! :)

    ~ Ayana

  6. This turned out really cool-love the use of the doily with the gems dotting it!

  7. Gorgeous card! I think I may have some sort of doily obsession because I cannot get enough of them! LOL! Hope you are feeling much better! Thanks so much for playing along with us! Hugs from Denmark!


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