Sunday, March 28

Shabby Tea Room Challenge #2

So with mothers day coming so soon, I have been making lots of mothers day cards for clients. This one was inspired by the shabby tea room, using a spring theme of flowers and colors, as well as a faux stich =) Anyway be sure to join the fun over at

BTW does anyone know where to get the scrunchy ribbon ??? I love it

Sunday, March 21

The Shabby Tea Room Challenge

Oh my goodness I am in love this this blog!!!! I love this style =) Anyway I was very inspired by the picture and created a Mothers Day card!!! I love the softness of the card. I hope you all enjoy it! To my skating fans GREAT news ! my dad came to watch me skate and I got my triple sal triple toe and double axel on video =) I am way to excited that I am starting to land my triples again. I cant wait to compete again next year. I hope to post my videos this week.


Wednesday, March 17

The color Dare #60

I love these colors I hope you do too! the design team over at color dare have done some amazing projects =)