Sunday, March 21

The Shabby Tea Room Challenge

Oh my goodness I am in love this this blog!!!! I love this style =) Anyway I was very inspired by the picture and created a Mothers Day card!!! I love the softness of the card. I hope you all enjoy it! To my skating fans GREAT news ! my dad came to watch me skate and I got my triple sal triple toe and double axel on video =) I am way to excited that I am starting to land my triples again. I cant wait to compete again next year. I hope to post my videos this week.



  1. So, so very pretty!!! So happy that you are enjoying THE SHABBY TEA ROOM and our challenges! I used to be an ice skater in my teens and 20's - recreational only - so we have that and the love of shabby/vintage thing in common!! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with for our new challenge on Monday :)

  2. How pretty! I just adore your flower and love how you used the doily. Thanks for playing along with us at The Shabby Tea Room.

  3. Hi Ashley, this is beautiful. I love the flower and the way you've used a little of the doily on the side!

    Oh My Goodness I'm getting dizzy just ready about your jump!

    Sharon x

  4. Hi Ashley,
    My dog Mimi is a full bred chihuahua according to her papers. I always get what a beautiful Jack Russell or fox terrier sooooo I wonder. If you ever post a pic of your dog let me know. I haven't run across too many black and white chihuahuas


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