Thursday, May 27

Challenge Card

Hello my friends!!!
I miss being able to take the time and just talk to you all. I have been so insanely wrapped up in my skating, but it is paying off. I just learned my triple lutz yesterday and on the first day managed to pull of a cheated landing =) I cant wait what the future has in store for me though my first competition in five years is in September so keep me in your prayers.

Ok so these cards are for the Basic Grey challenge Punch it and over at the Shabby Tea Room The theme was Polka Dots and Tea Parties...
I couldnt make up my mind and I ended up making like 3 cards lol But they are all so prettty. Oh and notice the ribbon on the blue card. I have been wanting to buy some tea dyed ribbon from Debbi but honestly cant afford to buy any new things right now <-- Me being i decided to go bargain shopping and found at a local store the deal of a life time, and then died my own ribbon =) Im soooooo ecstatic I definitely need to practice how I mix the color but for now it put a smile on my face =) I hope you all enjoy these cards. If you have any questions just feel free to ask.

Hugz *** Ashley

Sunday, May 23

Challenge Card TSTR

Another fab challenge at the shabby tea room. cant type much my cyst is hurting =(

Tuesday, May 4

Shabby Tea Room Challenge # 8 Get your bling on

Ok so if this week hasnt been Absolutely CRAZY then I dont know what is lol I had all my finals and passed them all =) So now that studying is over and Im taking the summer off I can really focus on my Skating and CRRRRAFTING !!! I am so excited. I also got my custom skate orthotics today and they made the world of a difference. Ok so getting back on tract this challenge was made for the shabby tea room! I really could just spends HOURs just looking at there blog I look forward to every Monday =) I really spent alot of time on this card and I hope it shows. I also finally made my own little roses from ribbon. I have been wanting to create my own and Im pleased as to how they came out !!!
*~ HUGS ~*

Saturday, May 1

The Shabby Tea Room Challenge

here it is I just always have such a good time creating my projects for the Shabby Tea Room Challenges. This one was one of my favorite designs.