Thursday, January 24

ten min craft dash , and shes back =)

Hello blog friends, Wow its been a little too long on my behalf. Well what can I say Im a busy busy gall. . . Lately I have been training 4+ on ice hours and 2 off each day. For those of you who are just checking in on my blog Im a competitive figure skater trying to make it to the 2014 USA figure skating Nationals. BTW this weekend NBC will be showing 2013 nationals so be sure to watch that because its amazing!!!!!
Anyway let me not lose focus because I tend to ramble. I made this little card for the ten minute craft dash ! Let me say I just love those challenges. I made this little card in about 8 minutes and 36 seconds-ISh. This time I am going by some math calculations as I was consumed by my computer watching the figure skating competition live on the internet... Soooo I basically made this card during the duration of the scores after the first two groups of skaters... so that is like 9 skaters and each result lasts any where from 30 seconds to a minute ish... I kept pausing my timer but in the end eight minutes and 36 seconds were used =) I hope you like it as I really do love it, especially these colors I am going to try to post another before the challenge closes. Hope to see what you all have made leave a comment if you would like I always love visitors and getting to know you all.