Saturday, August 14

Its been toooo long

HEllo my friends!!!
I cant believe that Its been a month since I last posted anything. I have been really busy these days with skating. I went to a seminar in west palm beach with Christy Krall and it was amazing! I got my double Axel back and I also was able to do a really solid triple sal. I'm working on getting it consistent. I'm so excited I have only been back since November so almost a year and I have landed d.axel t.sal t.toe and t. lutz. I now am working on consistency. I know I'm older than the average senior level skater to "debut" but its happening and with Gods grace I'm going to make it. Keep me in your prayers, I would like to share a video with you all, and then off to the good stuff lol I have been making a lot of custom cards these days but honestly my brain took a leave of absence and I forgot to take pics =( but I did have these to share.

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  1. Hi Ashley..Well your cards are soo `Beautiful`
    WoW You go girl!!!!I ammm sooo flamin in total admiration for you and your skating!!!!!TFI
    Have a lovely week:)xxx


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