Sunday, June 7


Its been a few days since my last post... so sorry I have been dealing with alot. My grandfather is in the hospital so im out of town. He is doing much better, and my wrist is still hurting alot turns out it was a bone bruise, sprained ligament and a cyst. I see the specialist on thursday. So please keep me in your prayers. THanks a bunch

luv ashley


  1. hiya,
    thanks for your kind words on my blog :).
    i hope your grandad is much better soon,and also your better:) huggs jo x

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and you compliment!
    Hope your gransfather is doing better!
    i visited your blog and I like what you make!!

  3. so sorry to hear about your and he are in my prayers. Take care and thanks for always checking in at the Midnight Madness. We are currently doing MMSC5 so if you need some craft time..come play with us :)

  4. HI ashley..I just read your blog profile. I am a lover of figure skate as well. You will not believe this, but I use to skate with the Ice Capades and coached for years. I am trying to get my three year old to stand her own right now..she almost has it :) I live in Los Angeles and trained out of the "All Year Figure Skating Club" in Culver City. I was touring on the show circuit in the 1980's with Scott Hamilton etc. Long time ago I know , but just thought I would share that with you..I would never change that experience for anything. It was a fun time :)


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