Thursday, April 25

I have been bit by the Runway Inspired Design BUG lol

OKay so here I go, I have been on a creative roll. I played along in the Runway Inspired Challenge, a few days ago and I loved the outcome of my card. However, I used pink and for some reason that inspirational picture screamed red to me, Anywhoooo admittedly red black and white are not exactly my favorite color combination, but I must say I definitely appreciate that color pallet much more now that I have created so many new cards using it. I hope you all like them. They are ALLLL so different but I had tons of fun making them , and hope you enjoy them too!

Bammm there you have it I made four mini 4x4 cards in a short amt of time and conquered my fear of red black and white haha

 photo F188BFA3978B6802FA20B97F6D0AB7A1.png


  1. Great how you took the inspiration in so many different directions to come up with four pretty cards.

  2. Wow I love all your cards! This is just amazing.. how one photo can inspire you to make so many cards! Thanks for joining us at Runway Inspired Challenge!

  3. Love all the submissions! The wee little red house card is a little spark of genius!

    Thanks for your kind words - hope to see you around on the RIC! ( I just found it myself and the is my second week.. but LOVE the inspiration pics! )

    Have a lovely (crafty) day!

  4. Each one of your cards is so unique and beautiful! The first is my favorite :)


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