Saturday, December 12

Ok so here is my messy room but hey its all put together now =)

Here are the promised pictures of my craft room/ bedroom! its super messy in these pictures because i was in the process of building and staining my NEW SHELVES!!!! Yayyyy. Anyway I am so sad that this is my first post in a long time!!! Because.. My grandpa is in the hospital, and I had finals all month, and i went out of town for thanksgiving! Can we say C_R_A_Z_Y??????? ok so stay tuned, because even though i havent been posting I have still been craffffffting!!!

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  1. Hi Ashley - wow, this is looking good - I have been trying to get a get look at your supplies - you have some great stuff there girl - I am looking forward to the cardz girl - love you new phototoo - you are gorgeous Ashley! Thanks for sharing!! God bless you!! {{{hugs}}}


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