Monday, February 7

Long time friends

Hey hey blog friends~

Happy Monday =) the first day of what is turning out to be an amazing week already. I have some exciting news for you all but I must wait to share... so stay tuned to my blog for more info.

I know I had promised a post a day but I came down with a nasty cold that turned into pneumonia and now Im trying to recover! So this post is quite simple Im just sharing a scrap layout I made today, I have someother projects but I lost my pictures yesterday when my computer had to be reformatted due to a nasty virus! Go figure we both caught a BUG ahahahaha tooo funny.

Ok well this layout is of me and my little pooch Hamilton! I love this little guy , he is three years old and growing so fast! I sound like a mom hahaha but he is my little baby.
Oh and on a side note I am back skating every other day *because of pneumonia ... but Im making good progress and cant wait to post the video of my new program I will share in march once Its complete its about 3/4 of the way done now =)

Have a blessed week


  1. Awesome! I think last post said something about an injury that was holding you back so while the pneumonia isn't great, I'm glad you're skating and will look forward to seeing the routine!

  2. Congrats on the DT!!!!! That's awesome. I love these cards, my fave is the middle one. It's so pretty!


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