Friday, January 14

Moxie Fab Bright SPot !

TGIF ! Ain't that the truth, today I was super busy and Now I am glad to be able to sit down and just "blah" I meant Blog lol. I made a card for the moxie fab Tuesday trigger : Bright spot! Now my colors are different but I drew my inspiration not from the colors but for the pure and simple color splash of one or two colors against white! I love it. Oooo and I finally tried hand done dry embossing ! I must say I think this is going to be a techique that I continue to use. Oh for all of you who have sent me sweet comments regarding my back injury and family situation i would like to update you that the Dr. gave me the ok to skate full force on MONDAY! and as far as my family my cousin is almost healed his head swelling isnt going down though so the Drs might have to drain it =(. and my grandpa is hanging in there and has been moved to a nursing home. My parents just flew up today again to visit him . I get to visit next weekend so im excited. Im also training with my russian coach and choreographer in NY so thats super exciting I will definately post videos of that one! Ok my friends it has been nice chatting but I have to finish the insides of some valentines cards. Do you all ever do that? Get caught up on the outside and leave the insides to accumulate lol I have like 8 cards that have no insides yet hahaha. ttyl


  1. I love the design of your card, simple, yet lots of color and detail. Any friend would be so happy to receive this :o)

  2. Hey Ashley! What a pretty approach to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! Thanks so much for playing along! :)


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