Tuesday, April 5

I am BACK !

HEY HEY , It has been way too long!After my grandpas passing and time with loved ones I came home and through myself into my skating ! FULLLL THROttle, it is paying off soo much... Sadly, I injured my back... I had an MRI done today... results Thursday so stay tuned... I have been off the ice for one week and I presume will be off this week as well. I need to make a full recovery. At this point I am dying to get back on the ice, but the Doctors have all told me that at my level of training Im going to have random freak injuries its to be expected. . . still that being said its never ever fun at all..... Anywhooooo.... with all that going on I HAVE NOT had a single second for crafting (mainly because until a few days ago it hurt to badly to sit for more than five minutes) still........I have some projects to share so I think tomorrow I will be uploading them for you all ! Thanks for all the support you all showed!

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