Monday, October 8

Ten min. craft dash challenge

Hey again, ok this is crazzyyyyyy I can not believe I am actually making a second post. Yes my friends 2 posts in ONE day ! I don't remember the last time I did that haha. Ok well this post is for an awesome challenge that is not only literally a color challenge but also a REAL challenge. Its from the Pretty Pink Posh blog challenge called "Ten minute craft dash"! The challenge is exactly as its name entails... You get ten minutes to create a card... So for my first attempt at this challenge I was feeling pretty confident... I liked the color pallet and have been making some cards using craft red and aqua... I guess I didn't realize how quickly ten minutes goes you need to cut trim measure make bows... etc etc... Oh and come up with an idea ... So I wanted to do a money holder and I admit I was a little cocky and I am trying to make bulk lately so I challenged myself to make two cards in ten minutes.... Okay that didn't happen I started off really well until I needed to add a bow...punch out a design and measure it all... so I stopped doing two half way through bc I realized that would not be happening under ten mins. and ended up doing One and a half in 10 minutes 4 seconds... Oh and I forgot to mention I was watching the VOICE ! OMG I love that show. It is addicting anyway I ended up finishing my second card and in total It took just under twenty minutes... I loved partaking in this challenge it really was hard to do and I loved the colors I took the picture using my phone sorry for the quality its late and I dont know where my sd card for my camera is =( ! wahooooooo though for another post. 

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  1. These turned out perfectly! Love your amazing bow too! Great idea for a money holder!


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