Thursday, October 11

10MCD and a Skating video (2 '4' 1)

Ok so I wanted to give the ten minute craft dash another shot, because I realized I have problems staying focussed and need to make my cards in a more timely fashion. Anywhoooo, I came up with a simple concept and still managed to leak over ten minutes (sad face) Well... I was watching tv again I think I have a multitasking problem lol and I forgot to pause my timer to add more tape in my ATC (it ran out) that def. took longer than 9 seconds so I forgive myself and think I was probably in the 9:00 min range-ish

Ok well here is a little collage of my race against the clock, I love instagram <3>

Also, I figured I would add a little video clip of my skating since I have not done so in a while... Im exhausted, training was really intense today.


  1. Oh, I am loving this card. So many great elements! Also, since you had to refill your tape, I'm sure the card was under 10 Minutes. :)

    It makes me so happy to hear you like my challenge and even participated this one again. Hope to see you for the next 10 Minute Craft Dash!

  2. Great card! Love your cute birdie and gorgeous punched edge too!
    Good luck with your skating, I can just about go forward without falling LOL!

  3. Adorable, I really like how you punched the side edges, neat idea!

  4. Great Card and of course the 2Axel 2Toe combo was NICE! Hey, I would love to be your fb friend. I bet we have some of the same friend :) Here is my FB link if you want to friend me, if not no biggie :)


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