Saturday, April 17

The cutest Pixie Stamp =)

Ok so I hopped on Over to the Pixie Dust Studio and Found the cutest little baby pea Digital Stamps ! So since they are having a DT call I had to think out of the box and create something U*B*E*R cute!!!! I love love my baby box. Tooooooo bad I dont know any mommies to be =( so i could wrap a cute little outfit inside of it =). Well I suppose Im going to give it a relative whenever they need a baby gift bag ... Or i could sell it but I just love it too much !


  1. Ashley, this is OVER the top cute! I love this project. The colors are darling and the accents on the little pea's hairbows are so clever. Very very cute!!Your blog looks great too!!!

  2. Hi Ashley! Thanks for visiting and signing up to follow my blog. I see from your profile that you are from Winter Springs, we are neighbors...I'm in Orlando. You do beautiful work. I'm sure I will be a regular on your blog. Have a great evening!


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