Friday, October 16

Some Fun Cards I made

I was definitely inspired by a resident who passed away last week. She was such a beautiful Christian Woman, she lived a long life = 90! Unfortunately she never recovered from a surgery she had a few weeks ago =( It was very hard especially on my mother which made me want to make her a sympathy card. I went over to Mos and found the most perfect image * Mammu * I also found some other images of elderly folks =) I love our residents, and I just hope they all stay in great health for many many years to come !!!!!


  1. wow these stamps are just so funny! Beautiful, you don't see a lot about elderly people in this way. And I love the cards you made with. It is allways sad when a person you loved passes away, but I think it comforts to think about the good memories she left.

  2. this is a fun, colorful card...nice job...have a wonderful evening!

    enjoy *~*


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